Tutorial for the cell phone version of FILL On Line

Subscribers should go to lockcodes.com/fill/fill.wml to enter the site.  On the mirror site, go to lockcodes2.com/fill/fill.wml to enter.

You will need to enter your user name and password.  Bookmark the site once you're connected.

Select make:
1 Acura
2 Alfa
4 Audi
Select the make of vehicle that you want.  Screens show up to 9 choices.  To reach the next screen you can scroll down to "More", but the faster way is to press 0 (zero) on the keypad.  If you go too far, use the Back key.

Your screen may show more or fewer lines.

Select series:
1 BMW 11-cut
2 BMW 10-cut
3 BMW High Sec
4 BMW cycles
Select the series the same way that you selected the model.


BMW 10-cut
Spaces: 10
Shallow: 1
Deep: 4
Input             Help
There's a brief reminder of your series, plus what is the shallowest and deepest cut, plus other info.

Proceed to the Help screen if you like, otherwise Input.

1 to 4 known
? find depth
X don't care
A is 1.5 (1 or 2)
B is 3.5 (3 or 4)
OK               Input
The Help screen reminds you which characters mean what.  Scroll down as needed, then proceed to Input.
Example:  X??43F1?A3
Your input:
Chart      ALPHA
Here's where you enter the cuts you know.  You must fill in all spaces before asking for the chart.  The ALPHA option lets you switch to other ways to enter things, such as question marks.
Found 4 matches
Max 3 blanks
Output will consist of the number of combinations found, the maximum number of blanks needed for the progression, and the chart itself.  Scroll down to see the rest of the chart.

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