Mirror site

     A mirror site replicates another web site. For us, it is a way to provide our subscription services in case the main site is down for any reason.

     Our site lockcodes2.com is a mirror site for lockcodes.com. We keep the same data and programs in both of them.  If you are a subscriber, your user name and password will also be the same on both.

     We don't care which site you use, or whether you switch between them at any time. The thing to remember is that both are available, and if one happens to be down you can use the other.

     Sites can go down without warning, and there is no way that we can predict those events.  By providing a mirror site, we have greatly increased the reliability of our services.  But it is up to you to make sure you can reach either site as needed.

What you need to do

     While it's easy to remember lockcodes2.com as a mirror site, you also have to remember your user name and password.

     If you let your browser keep track of your user name and password, be sure to set that feature up on both the main site and the mirror site.   We recommend that you sign in at both sites to each service in your subscription, and bookmark or store each of them as favorites.  Then you can easily switch between them whenever you need to.