Frequently-Asked Questions

         Getting Started

Q1.  How can I try out your on-line codes?
A.  Try the Demo version.  It has the full code program data in it.  Some of the output will be replaced by asterisks on the screen.
Q2.  How can I obtain a user name and password for the full code program?
A.  These are available on a subscription basis.  To order, click here.
Q3.  How long does it take to process my order?
A.  For fastest response, use a credit card or PayPal to pay for your order. Either one will process major credit cards and update your subscription automatically.
Q4.  Why can't I make the user name and password work?
A.  They are case-sensitive.  Be sure you use the correct case.  (For example, Bob, bob, and BOB are all different.)  Do not use any quotation marks or other punctuation.
Q5.  Why do my user name and password work on my computer but not on my cell phone?
A.  Two common problems:

1.  Often a phone will automatically capitalize the first letter of your password or user name.  Watch for this especially when you enter the password.

2.  You are using Google to search for the home page.  It finds it, but says Authorization is needed.  Since you're in the search engine, there's no place to enter the user name and password.   Instead, use your browser (Safari? Chrome?) to go to (or .../kbx or .../fill) and you'll get the request for user name and password.

         Subscription information

Q6.  When does my subscription expire?
A.  You can see how long your Codes On Line subscription runs by checking this link.  You will have to log in if you haven't already.  If you subscribe to KBX On Line use this link.  If you subscribe to FILL On Line use this link.
Q7.  Will you notify me before my subscription expires?
A.  Yes, as long as we have your correct contact information.  We'll send you an e-mail 30 days and 15 days before it expires.  Please keep us informed of your current email address and contact person.
In addition, during the last 30 days of your subscription the top of the output screen will have a box reminding you that your subscription is soon to expire.  The box has a link to your renewal form.
Q8.  How can I change the password on my subscription?  The contact name?  The email used to contact us?
A.  At the bottom of the opening page for each subscription there is a link that you can use to make these changes. Or use one of these links { Codes, KBX, FILL} depending on which you subscribe to.

         Other information

Q9.  How can I obtain a printed list of all the codes in a series?
A.  You'll have to look elsewhere.  This site is intended for single-code lookups.  If you want printed lists, please consult a code book publisher.
Q10.  What is a Small Format Interchangeable Core?
A.  An IC that replicates the functionality and design popularized by Best.
Q11.  Is there a demo for the key blank cross-reference or fill program?
A.  There's no demo, but you can e-mail us for a trial user name and password.  Or call us at 970-882-2522.
Q12.  Does your site have down times for updates and if so what times do they occur?
A.  No.  When we update, we put a second copy of the program on the site and test it.  When we're satisfied, we rename the appropriate files to reassign you to the new version.
Q13.  What cell phones does your site work with?
A.  Most cell phones can use the same pages as you use on a computer.  Some older flip-phones need a text-only version (using wml) and the alternate entry point.  As long as the phone is web-enabled, one or the other entry point will likely work.

If you have any question as to whether it might work on your equipment, you can test it yourself --- just try the demo on the site.  It's exactly the same as the full program except that it shows some asterisks where the full program shows numbers.

Q14.  Can I get Codes On Line to default to my favorite choice of space/depth?
A. Yes.  Link to your favorite choice here, and then bookmark that page as your starting point.  Inches  Millimeters  Baxter  1200CM  HPC punch  Codemax  Curtis  Framon  ITL  Exacta  A-1 

For the mirror site, use these links:   Inches  Millimeters  Baxter  1200CM  HPC punch  Codemax  Curtis  Framon  ITL  Exacta  A-1 

Q15.  Are your codes almost 100% accurate?   I know that there can be errors, but overall does your site consistently produce precise and accurate codes?
A.  Yes.  We work harder than any other code publisher to test the accuracy of our codes.
Q16.  Are the 1200CM cards and/or Blackhawk cards printable and accurate from the web?
A.  The Blackhawk cards are, if you're using Windows and IE or Firefox on a PC.  The sizes do come out different on a Mac or on Linux.  But test them --- the demo lets you print one particular card.  Also, you can probably change the size of the card by adjusting it in your browser's File/PrintPreview option.  If you can't adjust it, download Firefox.  (It's free.)
Q17.  How complete is the Master 900001 series?
A.  The series is complete through 911000, partial through 912000, and practically empty thereafter.  Please help fill in this and other series by sending us missing codes and combinations.
Q18.  My question isn't answered here.  What now?
A.  E-mail us.