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Codes On Line --- phone version:

     Thanks for an invaluable service that helps make me $$$!

     Thank you, this is well worth the money and has saved our rear ends several times.

     Lately I've been getting some really old/odd FE675 for a 62 ford....and "415" for some kind of old Honda Scooter & a few had them all! Just wanted to say thanks for such a great program!

     Hey, I can not function as a locksmith without these. Thank you for making them available on Macs and cell phones.

     Love looking up codes on my iPhone, I remember back in 2002 when I had a cell phone, a laptop for keycodes, a digital camera, a credit card machine, now it all fits in my back pocket! Awesome

     Thank you for a great, easy to use product. It saves my time when, instead of them calling the shop and me having to stop what I am doing to research a code, my techs can access your site from their cell phones.

     Your products have saved me lots of time and money. Well worth the price. Keep up the good work.

     Great tool. Brings you in the 21 century.

     Best money I spent all year!!! Kid you not!

     COL on phone is THE STUFF! I love it as much now as 4 years ago when I first signed up.

     I was impressed with your site, will make half my money back on first code. Why did I wait so long, love the cell phone version.

     Hurray for COL!  Sorry I did not get it sooner.  In just 2 weeks it has completly replaced my other code software
and good riddance. Thanks for a great service at a great price.

     I love this service!!!!  I have been able to leave my laptop at home since I started subscribing and that's another few pounds I DON'T have to wag in and out of the house.  Keep up the good work.  I may even have to start a subscription to your fill-on-line service as well.  This is well worth the money.  Thanks, guys.

     I have been using it for over a year now and I love the access by cell phone.

     ... I got ahold of BLACKHAWK via my phone web browser and got the cuts (I love that Phone Codes online thing).

     Well I tried the demo, then subscribed.  Way too cool --- who would have thought you could carry almost every known code in your shirt pocket.

     WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I can't believe I can now use my CELL PHONE to get any code I need, for less price, all within the space of my shirt pocket.  The only improvement that will top this is when I keep every code ever developed IN MY HEAD...(:  Great Product.  "The future of code programs IS Blackhawk!"

     This is like winning the lotto.

     My wife is so happy that now I will not call her to look for a code for me.

     Very Impressive!!!

     I just tried this new feature on my cell phone.  It works great.

     You are the BOMB!!!!!  It worked!!!  We actually got the code to pull up.  Got the cuts, got the blanks....We got everything!  Thank you sooooo much for your help.

Codes On Line --- web version:

     Thank you for another year of trusted, reliable service.

     Great site easy to use and it even found the Wayne Dalton in garage hardware, yahoo! Thanks to all who have worked so hard!

     Thank you for your quality product and service. Can't begin to calculate the amount of time/labor your site saves me. Well worth the subscription price.

     You have the best code source that I have found, and I have had 4 different ones.

     I have been a locksmith since 1985 and I have to tell you I have spent hundreds over the years on codes. This source is fantastic.

     Cheap at twice the price. Best money I've ever spent. As an added bonus I never buy code cards for my HPC 1200 any more just print out thru COL any I don't have.

     I believe it is one of the best values out there.

     It is a fabulous product. Thanks for having it out there.

     Out of all the software we have, the guys REALLY like this product the best.

     Your code service is the BEST!!....and The Fill program is even BETTER than that!!!!   Thank you for providing a truly great service at at very good price!!

     Just wanted to say this was the best money Iíve spent. I have only been a subscriber for a little less than a week, and have just about made my investment money back. Iím very glad to have found you and hope to remain a loyal subscriber for many years to come. Youíre the GREATEST !!!

     Best program I've ever used.

     I love your Codes On Line program! It works great!

     Thanks! You guys are the best!

     I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work. Codes On Line is a very important resource for our company and we really appreciate it.

     You all provide the BEST code product-anywhere!!! And I have 2 others that don't even come close!!

     I've used ********** and *********, but for sheer use and convenience, you guys win, hands down.

     Codes on line still the #1 Program for Locksmiths. God bless the day I was Introduced to this.!!!!!!!!!!!

     This program continues to be the absolute best.

     Thank you, I LOVE your service and tell everyone that will listen!!

     Please renew my Codes On Line and KBX as I would not want to be without it for a minute. I know there are other programs out there but not one and fresh as yours. Keep up the good work and thank you very much for the service.

     Thank you! You guys do a terrific job!

     What compares with COL?  Nothing.  COL even vacuums my floors and walks the dog!

     COL is best in terms of:
                  quantity of codes
                  ease of use
                  being up to date
                  Its only drawback is that you need an internet connection but that is a
                  very small drawback compared to what you get.

     We've subscribed to your service for over a year now. It was well worth it and has paid for itself 100 times over.  So, thank you.

     COL and KBX are the best programs I have ever used, and anyone who uses anything else is not making the best use of his or her money.

     Definitely worth the money & more. Has a lot of codes I was unable to find elsewhere. Also, if it is a newer code, vehicle or whatever and I don't have an HPC card or clippers to cut it I just run one off their card, put it in my HPC & cut. Have done many this way with no problems.

     I really REALLY like it. It has probably paid for itself already. Thank you all for your input-- as it aided in the forward movement of our company. I also would recommend it to any locksmith. One of those things you wonder how did I get by without this before??

     I've been using the online AND cell phone access for the past 2 years, and LOVE IT!  I'll NEVER cancel this program!

     Codes on line is well worth the 50.00 per year!!!!

     I use Code Online because for $50, I'm up to date...just calculate what you have to pay for updates and you save a fortune. Plus now I can get my codes on my cell phone so I can forget lugging around a laptop in my van.

     Been with Blackhawk now for 5 years. Outstanding customer service, and great Codes On Line ...

     I've used it going on my third year and love it. The ability to look up a code and print the 1200 card or whatever specs you need is great.

     We've used them for ALMOST 2 years. They're the best! You can even access from a web-enabled cell phone! That way, you're right there. The online version can even print HPC1200 cards!  Best $50 I spend every year!

     It's definitely worth the price. At only $50 a year, how many keys do you need before it pays for itseld? I'll assure you, it's not too many. Mine paid for itself in the first week.

     Let it be known that I consider your product to one of the best values on the market for lock shops today.  We use your on-line code look up service regularly and with repeated success.  You have a good product offered at a good price = great value.  Keep up the good work!

     Very well worth it.  Go the extra and get his key cross reference also.

     We have [a competing product], and everytime I can't find a code in it, I run it through the online demo at and they almost always have the series in their database.

     I have gotten more codes from codes online than i have [a competing product].

    Well worth the money...renewing my subscription this week.

     Its worth it.  That is what I had started with and now I use it and [a competing product]. I perfer over the other.

     Codes on Line (Blackhawk) is an outstanding software program online. It does come in handy. GOOD STUFF AND OUTSTANDING CUSTOMER SERVICE

     I use it on a regular basis. Works great!

     I don't think I could live with out it. Sure beats the shelf full of books. And as an added bonus if you have a HPC1200 you can print out the code cards for keys, and they have always worked great for me. Very highly recomended.

      I have only had the code system a very short time, but so far it is great and is very helpful, even better than my other code source.  I like the 1200 CMB cards that are available from Blackhawk.  Thanks

     Great site, easy to use.

     Thank you!! Your site is great !!  Very clearly displayed info, fast and easy to navigate.

     Your codes and other programs are THE BEST.  No question.

     Very user friendly - terrific site - congratulations on neat/clean/easy site & software.  Best codes, too.

     I'm truly impressed with the fact that you work so hard to have up to date information in your programs!  Thank you for your contributions to this industry.

     Thank You for a wonderful year of codes on line.  Our check # 3908 is in the mail today.  We're looking forward to another year with codes on line.

     I love your online codes.  Not a day goes by that I don't use it.

     The program works fine for our company.  Just added the key cross-reference program also.  Use it with my laptop on clients' business, and also in their homes as needed.  Clients are very impressed on how we get the most up to date codes.  Keep up the good work.

     This is the best value for my money that I have ever seen for codes in my many years of locksmithing. My son was able to find a code for a 1970's Jaguar in minutes. I just looked up 2 codes for newer office equipment and it was so much easier than shuffling through a bunch of large books. This is a great system and I would recommend it to anyone.

     Putting your codes online is a good move.  This is a useful and productive presentation, it will benefit many.  Thanks tremendously! This will be a great help to the rest of us locksmiths out here.  Thanks again.

     Great idea --- sure beats buying and maintaining a set of code books.

     Very nice!  I have Reed's code books and Treskat, but this is very good!

     I finally had to take the plunge and sign on. I'm impressed!  Good Job.  Thanks.

     Great site!! Had it only one day and it's paid for itself. Thanks much.

     Check is in the mail. Great Idea.

     Good job!  At last there is any easy, inexpensive and complete way to get codes.  Thanks!

KBX On Line:

     I used the on-line trial of KBX.... VERY USEFUL, will be signing up for it, or purchasing for offline use. EXCELLENT.... anything that provides information, and saves time is worth adding to the arsenal of tools. Information is often the most powerful tool at our disposal.


     Good looking site.

     Very informative site!

     Check is in the mail. (Fax really). This site should help.


     Keep up the good work.

     Nice site; keep up the good work.

     Cool site.


     This site is great!!!! Great Job :)

     Very nice system. Great Site.

     Great job!

     Great products, keep up the good work.

     Great site.

     Cool site.

     I love lockcodes.


     Looks good!

     Just stopped by to look at your site. Thanks!

     Could be a very useful page.

     COOL PAGE!!

     Very nicely done. Thanks

     Very nice job. It sure beats going through the code books! Keep it up.

     I think this is a great idea. Thanks.

     Hey, This is Very Excellent.

     Nice job.

     You've done a fine job .... fax soon to follow. Thanks

     GREAT JOB!!!! You have some very good ideas!!!

     Great idea. I just sent you a fax.

     Your new Codes On The Web program looks great. You are a true innovator.

     Great site.

     Very nice site and help to all of us locksmiths in need of codes.

     Very nice site.  Right to the point.

     Great site --- keep up the good work.

     Hey, Great site!!  These codes will come in handy.  Thanks.

     Thanks tremendously!  This will be a great help to the rest of us locksmiths out here.

     This will be a great help.  I'm sure we will be using the new codes very soon.  Great service --- thanks again.


     Well Done!!  Thanks.

      Keep up the good work! You have the best programs around.

      Putting your codes online is a good move.  Well done.

      I also love the picture of Emma:-)