Tutorial for the cell phone version of Codes On Line

Link to the site.  If you are just testing, link to lockcodes.com/wap/demo.wml for the demo version.  Subscribers should go to lockcodes.com/cod/cod.wml to enter the site.

On the mirror site lockcodes2.com, use lockcodes2.com/wap/demo.wml for the demo version.   Subscribers should go to lockcodes2.com/cod/cod.wml.

Subscribers should enter their user name and password.  Bookmark the site once you're connected.

1 Inch
2 1200CM
3 Framon
Code          Filter
Select the space/depth information that you want.  If you type the number of your choice, you will go directly to the code input screen.  If instead you scroll down to highlight it, you can press either the Code key to go to the code input, or you can use the Filter key to pre-filter your code.

If you know that your code will show up with a particular filter, you can apply that filter before searching.  This will restrict the list of series to the kind you chose.

Code #?


Find           smart
Enter the code number.  You can use lower case or upper case letters.  Remember that most codes do not use the letter "O", but use the number zero instead.

Press Find to look up the code.

The next output will depend on the results of the code search.  If no code is found, you can use your Back key to return to the code input screen.  Otherwise you will see one of the following screens:

If there are more than 18 series, this list of filters appears:

1 Auto (18)
2 Cycle (3)
3 Office (9)
Each filter shows the number of series it contains.  Type a filter number or highlight a filter and press Find.

If there are 18 or fewer, the program bypasses the filter list and displays the series:

1 American Device
2 Art Metal files
3 Aurora/Riviera ign. 1995-99
Cuts            Prev
Scroll down until you find the series you want.  If there are more than 9, press the 0 key to see the next batch.  If the series you want is not there, scroll down to the next batch of 9.  Use the Prev key to return to the previous list of 9 series.  Type a series number or highlight a series and press Cuts.

A quick way to survey some of these lists is to scroll down by using the 0 key until you pass the place where you expect to find the series you want.  Then scroll up until you locate it.

Code A121
GM J-cars 1995
Cuts: 1131324232
597500 Strattec
New          AltS/D
Output will consist of the combination, up to four blanks, and then your chosen space/depth information.  If there is an additional message that applies to this series, it will be below the space/depth information.

Use the New button to return to the S/D input screen to look up your next code.

Use the AltS/D button to see the same code with a different batch of space/depth information.

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