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The interactive web site for locksmiths with cell phones

Most cell phones in use today (such as iPhones and Androids) have browsers that let you access our programs the same way that you would using a computer.

If you happen to have an older phone that is web-enabled but can only display text, you can still use it with the programs below.

Codes On Line

Our on-line code program is available for use on cell phones.  The subscription is the same as for our regular web codes.  You just access it from a different place.  In fact, we don't care which version you use --- they're both included in the same subscription price.  Use them both!

Here's a tutorial on how to use the cell phone version.

SFIC: Small Format Interchangeable Core Pinning

We made a version of our SFIC program especially for cell phones.  Use the following URL on your phone to get there:

On the mirror site, use this URL:

FILL On Line
Now you can find progression charts on your cell phone.  No need to lug your computer to the car; just follow the chart and clip out a key.

As with Codes On Line, you have the option of using either your computer's browser or your cell phone for progression charts.

Here's a tutorial on the cell phone version of FILL.


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